Can compassion transform society?

Professor Anne Pessi

1 October 2018

Anne Pessi with the James Gregory Lecture organisers

Anne Pessi with the James Gregory Lecture organisers (from left to right), Eric Priest, Judith Wolfe and Andrew Torrance

Anne Pessi with the dinner guests

Anne Pessi with the dinner guests


Question and answer session


Prof. Anne PessiAnne Pessi is Professor of Church and Social Studies, in the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology.

Pessi’s research interests cover particularly compassion, altruism, meaningfulness, volunteering,  civil society, togetherness, church social work and experiences of good life, as well as individualised religiosity and experiences of the sacred.

Currently Pessi directs a vast multidiciplinary project CoPassion, “The Revolutionary Power of Compassion” ( The project analyses the power of compassion in corporate business and the public sector as well as on content and reader experiences of self help literature and the construction of self in this genre.

Pessi has been awarded several international and national academic prizes, such as the prestigious Nils Klim prize (in 2008) and the Jutikkala prize (in 2013). Pessi is currently a chief editor or an editor of three academic journals.

For more information see Anne Pessi’s biography and CoPassion.

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